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Kini sedang berlangsungnya promosi CLEAR STOK bagi Bra Menyusu Berkualiti Tinggi 1. Pakej Premium dan Super Premium hanya dengan harga 4 PCS RM80. 2. Pakej GOLD kini dengan hanya 4 PCS RM85. Nursing bra daripada pakej premium,super premium dan gold adalah bra berkualiti tinggi. Jom sertai promosi kami!


1.       Go to item that want to order.

2.       Choose quantity,size  or color available (if have)

3.       Click Add to cart.

4.        Choose to view chart or check out.

5.       If you ready to check out your item, directly click check out.

6.       If you want to view your item order first you go to view chart

7.       In view chart you can estimate your cost for shipping, and enter your COUPON CODE if have. Then click continue.

8.       After continue follow step by step the process in check out, just click continue for each of step if the info is correct

9.       STEP 1 CHECKOUT OPTIONS -. If you are new customer you need to register account, but if your returning customer you can directly login. Then just click continues if the info is correct.

10.   Step 2  account and billing details - After register or log in, check the info is correct or not.

11.   Step 3 Delivery details - check the info is correct or not.

12.   Step 4 Delivery Method - choose YOUR DELIVERY METHOD

13.   Step 5 Payment Method - Choose what account bank that you want to use to make a payment- MAYBANK/CIMB/PUBLIC BANK

14.   Step 6 Confirm order - Click to open your bank link to transfer the amount, transfer to the account number given.

15.       After transfer, complete your payment confirmation, upload receipt at upload payment slip.To know your order id and total amount of your order you can go to my account, then click order history (make sure you already login your account)

16.       Then after payment confirmation send,we will process YOUR ORDER once payment is clear.

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